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Hello! I'm Papua (pronounced PAH-poo-ah) Piig and I'm a guinea pig. Along with my brother, Phoenix Phuzzer, we find things to do to entertain ourselves. You might think that guinea pigs don't do much of anything, but that's because you hadn't met us yet. We learn piano, play basketball, dress up, try new recipes, and that's all in one day. You never know what you'll see here. We're full of surprises.

My buddy, Decoy Piig, joins us on many of our adventures. Many people think Decoy is imaginary because he doesn't speak to them. He talks to me just fine and he's the best friend a piig could have.

WHEK-TV/DT is the official channel of Papua Piig & Friends. The ALL guinea pig channel is host to other piggy news, information, and events. We produce a lot of original content including photo stories, contests, fun and informative videos, and help homeless pets along the way where we can. Join Papua Piig & Friends on Facebook for regular updates.

Launched in April 2011, WHEK-TV is on the air thanks to our sponsors and is looking forward to growth in the future. If you'd like to sponsor or contribute to WHEK-TV, please contact us with your interests.

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